for Airbnb and Hosts

Holiday Qld is now fully integrated with AirBnb, and Google Calendar and many other channel managers that use ICAL calendar to sync bookings and availability. For many Airbnb and hosts this is the news you have been waiting for.

Our booking platform will send and receive calendar information, bookings and unavailable dates to and from multiple booking platforms every 30 minutes. This means you don’t have to worry about being over booked or double booked.

No more manually entering booking details or unavailable dates. Holiday Qld can do it all for you. Obtain your ICAL links from Airbnb,, Google Calendar or your channel manager then enter the link in your Holiday Qld listing. Then enter the Holiday Qld ICAL link into your AirBnb and listing or your channel manager.

This exciting integration means you can list your Queensland holiday homes, apartments, caravans, and everything in between and automatically sync your bookings across all of your booking platforms.

For Airbnb and hosts, click below to learn how to obtain your ICAL calendar details from your Airbnb or listing or get in touch and we will help you through it. We are also more than happy do it all for you.

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